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You are finally ready to install your new above-ground pool. First, make sure your pool fits well into your yard landscaping design. An excellent way of doing this consists of sketching a bird’s eye-view of your yard, including the to-be-installed swimming pool. Once you have selected your desired location, check whether your pool meets the safety, servitude and other standards listed below.

1. Adequately drain all water from in and around the area where the pool will be installed.

2. Choose a flat ground to install your pool.

3. Install a fence around your backyard and a gate that blocks access to your deck. Each access should provide an inside self-latching that is above the reach of children. Please check with your Council about fencing.

4. Ensure that the space in which you plan to install your pool is large enough. The planned area for the pool should be sufficiently open, i.e., house wall or fences should not hinder installation activities.

5. Contact your Council to learn the laws and regulations pertaining to the installation of an above-ground pool. These will concern the following factors, among others:

  • Necessity of obtaining a building permit (applicable in certain cases);
  • Safety standards (in certain regions);
  • Availability of public services (electricity and others);
  • Boundaries of your property.

6. Install your pool in spot far from water sources. This will limit instances of water and debris accumulating in the area near the structure.

7. Install the filtration system less than six metres from the pool, close to a power outlet. The shorter the distance between the pump and power outlet, the easier the structure will be to install.

8. Place your filtration system so that it is easy to access, yet does not hinder your family’s use of the pool. Be particularly vigilant in ensuring that the distance between the filter and pool meets regulations in this regard. Contact your Council for specific details.

9. Place your pool so that swimmers enjoy optimal sunshine during the day and are adequately protected from blowing winds.

10. Your pool should be positioned so that you can easily supervise your children’s activities in the pool itself as well as close by.

11. Make room to include a shady rest area near your pool.

12. Select a spot that is far from overhead or underground electrical lines and water and natural gas pipes.

13. In choosing a spot, remember that small fruit-bearing trees and bushes can dirty the pool, patio and platform.

14. Around the pool, opt for plants and flowers that will not attract bees or insects.

15. Find out how big the plants and trees in the landscape design surrounding your pool are likely to grow, Overhanging branches could eventually generate debris or sap that could subsequently fall into the pool. Lastly, make sure no potentially damaging tree roots are located near the site where you plan to install your pool.