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The World's leader in aboveground pools  - DIY Pools

Supplied to and enjoyed by New Zealanders for decades the Vogue range of Swimming Pools is a high quality affordable pool option. Designed to be installed above ground they are provided in kitset form and come with a 30 year limited warranty. 

Not only does the quality of their pools meet and exceed all NSPI standards (the highest safety standard for swimming pools in the world) they were the first company in the world to come out with the blow-moulded resin frame pool.

Skilled DIYer can install or we can put you in touch with someone who could assist with installation if required.  


The Revelation range from Vogue is constructed using blow moulding technology that is corrosion free that will give you a superior above ground pool that will last for years. By utilising this process the pool has a smoother, more elegant contour with superior shock absorbency. The Revelation is a breeze to install due to the unique interlocking parts that also provide increased lateral strength - that is unmatched in the industry.


"All the problems you face with other above ground pool kits have been designed out of the Vogue."

  • All Resin Framework - Corrosion Free No Screws
  • 52” (1.32m) Wall Depth
  • Blow moulded CURVED Top Rails
  • High quality Vinyl unpatterned liner
  • Faster Installation
  • 30 Year Limited Warranty
  • All Pools Stocked in the N.Z.


Pools can be bought on its own or package.




Revelation 1.32m Deep

Pool & Package

Pool Only

Litres Approx


5.5m (18') Round





7.1m x 3.6m (23' x 12') Oval





9.1m x 4.5m (30' x 15') Oval







Our Pool Packages include    

  • Pool Pump (0.75hp / 0.1hp)
  • Pool Filter (BBSF400 / BBSF500) 
  • Pool Sand 25 Kg bags
  • Pool Ladder - Deck Mounted 
  • Shark Floating Tablet Dispener
  • Aquachek Yellow Test Strips (50 test strips) 
  • Pool Hose 11m (38mm heavy duty) 
  • Telescopic Pole - 3 section X 1.2m
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Crystal Water Trichlor Tablets 02kg 
  • Crystal Water PH Buffer 04kg 
  • Crystal Water PH Decrease 01kg 
  • Crystal Water PH Increase 01kg
  • Crystal Water Clean The Green 01 Litre
  • *A-frame Safety Ladder available for extra $100
*Maintenance Kit